Snowy Winter Engagement Shoot

Snowy winter engagement shoot

Snowy winter engagement shoot. Ruth and Alex’s engagement was full of deep snow and pockets of sunshine. When Ruth had contacted me and said that they were hoping for a snowy feel to their photos I was so excited. Our winter here in Boise, Idaho has been well…. lacking. I was not even sure if we would have snow in the Mountains. Thankfully the week of their shoot storm after storm was scheduled to blanket the higher elevations with the beautiful white stuff.

The light was magical we had the sun peaking between the clouds a time or two allowing me to capture that amazing glow! Then it stayed hidden away for the rest of the session. It was nice because they got the best of both when it came to light.

I am so excited for their wedding Alex and Ruth are part of the local Basque culture here in Boise. They actually had a family function for Alex’s family of making sausage. Their wedding is going to be so unique and full of traditions. I am always so intrigued about seeing different traditions brought into weddings.

If you are on the fence about doing an engagement shoot my advice is DO IT.  It helps so much come the wedding day. Not to mention you really get to know your photographer and learn to feel comfortable with them. Thanks for venturing into the mountains.  Even trampling through knee deep snow in some places and putting up with my craziness and posing ideas! boise Idaho photographer,Snowy winter engagement shootBoise wedding photographerboise Idaho photographer,wedding photographer,boise Idaho photographer,wedding photographer,boise Idaho photographer,wedding photographer,

Snowy winter engagement shoot

January 13, 2020

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