Surprise Proposal at Wilson Ponds

Surprise Proposal at Wilson Ponds.

Let’s talk about proposals! I have gotten the privilege to photograph two of them in the last month. They are one of my favorite things to photograph. The amount of emotion and excitement is so amazing to experience and capture. The Surprise Proposal at Wilson Ponds took place on Mother’s Day 2020.  Brian and Isabelle’s story is quite unique. Brian met Isabelle over two years ago. I think they both knew right away however wanted to both grow together and do the thing we call life for a while. Fast forward to today, they have been together two years and Isabelle gave Brian a timeline. If he didn’t ask before June 15th she was taking matters into her own hands!

After asking for permission from Isabelle’s parents Brian was all set to go. He had already had the ring for a long time so it was go time. They had planned to do it in front of their family during a mock family photo. I was going to stage the photo and then ask them if I could take a few photos of them and then he would pop the big question. However plans changed and Brian just wanted it to be the two of them. I messaged both of them asking if they would still be willing to pose for some photos at one of my favorite locations, Wilson Ponds in Nampa. I posed them for a few shots and then asked them if they could think of any fun poses. Brian got down on one knee and Isabelle knew right away what he was doing.

Tears were shed and lots of laughs and at the end of the day Brian and Isabelle are now engaged. I wish them so much happiness. Happy wedding planning. Now the real fun starts! Congratulations Brian and Isabelle.
Surprise Proposal at Wilson PondsWilson Ponds Surprise Proposal
Wilson Ponds Nampa Idaho

Surprise Proposal at Wilson Ponds in Nampa Idaho

May 11, 2020

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