Parma Idaho Engagement Session

Parma Idaho Engagement Session

Parma Idaho Engagement Session. Megan and Nate’s engagement session was absolutely amazing. They chose to do it at Megan’s family ranch in Parma, Idaho. Parma absolutely beautiful her family property sits right along the Boise River. This was the first time I had met Megan and Nate in person. They had booked me during the first stages of our current state. It was so nice to finally meet in person.

Engagement sessions are included in my wedding packages. They are so beneficial. It helps the couple get comfortable in front of the camera and helps me get to know them and vice verses. It is one of my favorite parts of the wedding experience.

Boise River Fall Foliage

We started out right alongside the Boise River. The fall foliage was in full force the golden and auburn tones were a sight to see. The second location was just down the road in a meadow with old trees that were all so unique. We changed outfits to change up the look and later added their fur baby to the photos. I love it when couples bring their puppies to join in on the fun. We finished up along the Boise River again and stopped to admire the sunset on the way out and snap a couple more photos. Thank you Nate and Megan for taking me on a fun adventure. It is just what my soul needed! Boise-Idaho-Wedding-Photographer_0196.jpgBoise-Idaho-Wedding-Photographer_0197.jpgBoise-Idaho-Wedding-Photographer_0198.jpgBoise-Idaho-Wedding-Photographer_0199.jpgBoise-Idaho-Wedding-Photographer_0200.jpgBoise-Idaho-Wedding-Photographer_0201.jpgBoise-Idaho-Wedding-Photographer_0202.jpgEngagement Session in ParmaBoise-Idaho-Wedding-Photographer_0204.jpgBoise-Idaho-Wedding-Photographer_0205.jpgParma IdahoEngagements in Parma IdahoParma Idaho Engagement Session

Parma Idaho Engagement Session

October 18, 2020

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