McCall Idaho Winter Engagements A McCall Idaho Winter Engagement session is just what I needed. These months I do not get to create as much as I want to.  Let’s face it, it is just plain cold outside. When Nicole and Thomas were thinking about their engagement shoot in McCall, Idaho I was all for […]


Wintery Boise engagement Session. I have been following Stephanie and Brian’s engagement journey for a while now. It has been so neat to see pieces of her wedding come together.  She’s got some family in the planning industry so she is in good hands.  She reached out to me the night before their engagements as their original photographer got stuck in Arizona due to the fog. Brian lives on the East Coast as he is in the Military.  They had a small window for timing their photos. These two have a beautiful wedding planned in Downtown Boise in the fall as people will be traveling from all corners of the world. I was so excited to get to know these two and their love story. These two are some of the most good hearted souls I have had the pleasure of photographing.  I have to say I sure do get lucky with amazing clients.

Downtown Boise Engagement Session

It was a cold foggy day. By cold it was in the mid 20s you’d never know it by the photos. We were quick and efficient. I feel like you have to be as is just so could outside. We started about 90 minutes before sunset. We managed 4 locations and 2 outfits, 7 flights of stairs and a small hike. These two were troopers they kept up with all my craziness and laugh the whole time. The end of the shoot they popped some bubbly to celebrate their engagement. Congratulations to these too. Happy wedding planning bliss. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to photograph the two of you. I call this Wintery Boise Engagement Session a win! It may have been a tad cold but we kept moving. These two were are fantastic in front of the camera. Downtown Boise is one of my favorite locations to explore.


Parma Idaho Engagement Session Parma Idaho Engagement Session. Megan and Nate’s engagement session was absolutely amazing. They chose to do it at Megan’s family ranch in Parma, Idaho. Parma absolutely beautiful her family property sits right along the Boise River. This was the first time I had met Megan and Nate in person. They had […]

Parma Idaho Engagement Session

Spring Mountain Engagement Session. JD and Weston’s spring mountain engagement session was so much fun. We started our shoot at Grimes Creek. Everything is so pretty in the spring. The grass is turning green and the threes have new leaves on them. The pine trees stand tall and magnificent. The second location was near Lucky Peak Reservoir. The foothills in Boise are beautiful this time of year. They are so green and the vegetation is gorgeous with wild flowers here and there.

JD and Weston have been together since high school. Their personalities complement each other and they know how to make the other laugh. Their shoot was full of laughter and joy. It was fun to capture. Each location gave a different look for their gallery. It is fun to shoot in two different locations in different outfits. It gave them a good variety and lots of images to choose from. If you need help planning your engagement session I have wrote a blog post and you can find it HERE. Which location was your favorite? Was it the foothills by Lucky Peak or was it the Mountain look of Grimes Creek? I am curious, leave a comment below.

JD and Weston’s wedding is in August in Weston’s parents backyard. I am looking forward to their wedding because I know it will be a day filled with joy and so much laughter. Plus I am looking forward to the warm summer light.  There is just something magical about that golden light.  I look forward to it each session. I am that crazy gal who will chase the light until it is gone.

Lucky Peak Engagement Session
Spring Mountain Engagement session

Surprise Proposal at Wilson Ponds. Let’s talk about proposals! I have gotten the privilege to photograph two of them in the last month. They are one of my favorite things to photograph. The amount of emotion and excitement is so amazing to experience and capture. The Surprise Proposal at Wilson Ponds took place on Mother’s […]

Surprise Proposal at Wilson Ponds in Nampa Idaho

Snowy winter engagement shoot

Snowy winter engagement shoot. Ruth and Alex’s engagement was full of deep snow and pockets of sunshine. When Ruth had contacted me and said that they were hoping for a snowy feel to their photos I was so excited. Our winter here in Boise, Idaho has been well…. lacking. I was not even sure if we would have snow in the Mountains. Thankfully the week of their shoot storm after storm was scheduled to blanket the higher elevations with the beautiful white stuff.

The light was magical we had the sun peaking between the clouds a time or two allowing me to capture that amazing glow! Then it stayed hidden away for the rest of the session. It was nice because they got the best of both when it came to light.

I am so excited for their wedding Alex and Ruth are part of the local Basque culture here in Boise. They actually had a family function for Alex’s family of making sausage. Their wedding is going to be so unique and full of traditions. I am always so intrigued about seeing different traditions brought into weddings.

If you are on the fence about doing an engagement shoot my advice is DO IT.  It helps so much come the wedding day. Not to mention you really get to know your photographer and learn to feel comfortable with them. Thanks for venturing into the mountains.  Even trampling through knee deep snow in some places and putting up with my craziness and posing ideas! boise Idaho photographer,Snowy winter engagement shootBoise wedding photographerboise Idaho photographer,wedding photographer,boise Idaho photographer,wedding photographer,boise Idaho photographer,wedding photographer,

Snowy winter engagement shoot

Winter Mountain Engagement Session Winter Mountain engagement session. Alyssa contacted me a couple of weeks ago about photographing her wedding. Her and her future husband to be met in high school and attended college together. Pretty neat to be marring your high school sweetheart. They were both up here for their winter break so it […]

Allie and John’s Fall Boise Engagement Session Engagement Session

Fall Boise Engagement Session Allie and I go way back. She was always my model when I really started buckling down and growing as a professional. I began taking photos of her back when she was a junior in high school. She sure has grown into a beautiful, hardworking, talented gal. She met her husband to be while working at Zupas in Boise. From what I can tell they hit it off right away.

He proposed to her while they were out adventuring together. Allie had no idea that he was going to ask her to spend the rest of their lives together. They both have a love for animals and enjoy spending time getting to know one another. I am excited to see where life takes the two of them.

Meaningful Location

They chose to do their engagements in Downtown Boise at Camel’s Back. The two of them share a special place that they visit often. We hiked a ways back there to find a beautiful grow with the coolest trees. They caught the last little bit fall during their session. Here in Idaho I have really noticed that I have to embrace the seasons. Not all photos can look like a bright beautiful summer day. We caught the little bit of glow before the storm rolled in and it got a little gloomy.

I wish Allie and John the best of luck with their adventures in the future and it was my honor to be able to capture such a special time. It was wonderful to see Allie’s goofy personality shine through. Fall Boise Engagement Session at Camel’s Back Park. It made for a beautiful location with lots of different looks.

Idaho Engagement

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Downtown Boise Fall Engagement Downtown Boise Fall Engagement Session. Jordan and Tim’s engagement session took place on a rainy fall day! As I was sitting in my nice warm car waiting for the rain to stop so that I could scout the location for hints of beautiful warm fall colors and find the uniqueness this […]

Krystal and Andrew’s Engagement

A beautiful Boise spring engagement shoot. Andrew and Krystal got engaged at Kathryn Albertson Park in Boise Idaho. It was only fitting to shoot their engagements there as well. Kathryn Albertson Park is gorgeous in the fall and super popular! This was actually my first time shooting there in the springtime. A couple of things I learned is that it still is popular however the spring I really got to use some creativity.

I had been scouting it out for a couple weeks. I really wanted to know my way around the park. It is really good sized but very busy. It had beautiful yellows and some bright blossoms hidden away. Andrew and Krystal were so much fun to spend the evening with! They were great with posing and seriously naturals. They were totally down for all my crazy ideas, even if it met that Andrew could fall in the water! Thank goodness that didn’t happen. Though I am sure all the geese would have come to his rescue.

I had do much fun getting to know this wonderful couple. We met a cute duck that I think was totally posing for some quick pictures. We had lots of laughs and maybe only one hissing goose which was while I was scouting. I’m looking forward to their upcoming wedding in Sand Hollow later this year! I’m thankful for them trusting me to capture this special time in their lives! Cheers to the happily engaged couple.

Congratulations to the Happy Couple

I would like to take a couple seconds to talk about their outfit choices. I just loved them and I feel like they added so much to the photos. Krystal’s shirts really brought out her beautiful blue eyes. They also were not distracting so the beautiful spring colors from nature are really able to pop. Not to mention the umbrella photos were just too fun!!! I love that they chose to have a  Boise Spring Engagement shoot.
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Krystal and Andrew's Engagement shoot boise Idaho
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Kathryn Albertson's park engagement shoot
Downtown boise engagement shoot
Boise Engagement shoot
Boise Spring Engagement shoot

Boise Spring Engagement shoot