Max and Allyssa’s  Cascade, Idaho wedding

Max and Allyssa’s intimate Cascade, Idaho wedding. Where do I start with Max and Allyssa?!?! These two are one of a kind. Allyssa’s mom first reached out to me. A couple days later I got a wonderful email from Max and Allyssa. Let me tell you the way to my heart is a personal email it .Still means so much to me. It was not ever a question of wanting to photograph their big day but more wanting to be a part of it. I wanted so much to capture their love story and meet their families. I could tell that they were such good hearted people who would fuel my soul just to be around.

The Love Story

I have a questionnaire that I have all of my clients fill out beforehand so that I am able to learn a little bit about them. I can not word it as well as Max did so I am just going to quote him here. “Wet mops, dirty laundry, and too many spray bottles… We may have wanted a clean and healthy start to our relationship, but ours started in the most unclean of places, in the depths of student custodial work for Boise State’s Housing at a job that will forever ring in our ears with memories good and bad: Summer Crew.

The days were hot, and the nights were cool

It was the summer of 2018. The days were hot, and the nights were cool. A sweet summer breeze blew me right into the love of my life. Allyssa and I had originally met at an on-campus Christian ministry called Cru but that was merely where we got to know each other’s names. When the Summer Crew started, Allyssa and I were able to get to know each a bit better. We quickly learned that we had an unmatched cohesiveness as the biggest goof-a-saruses the world has ever known. We shared nights of fun conversation, skipping rocks in the river, and a love for Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. We become friends with an untold mission to make the world a more smiley place.


School started back up in the fall, along with it the dread of late-night homework montages and way-too-hard-this-isn’t-even-what-we-talked-about-in-class tests. Allyssa realized she liked me and was sensing a flirtatious vibe from me, but I told her I needed more time. I swear I had every intention to not flirt with her anymore so I wouldn’t send mixed signals, but I just couldn’t help myself. I kept flirting. I prayed to God if I should start a relationship with her, fully expecting Him to say “No, you need to spend more time with Me,” but what I heard was a “Yeah bro go for it!”

We fell in love faster than Minute Rice cooked in 58 seconds

We have been together a year and a half now, but to us it feels like it has been six years at least. Our acute sense of puns, passion for being a goofball, and wayward love for God has brought us so close together.”

The Wedding

Allyssa grew up going to her family’s cabin in Washington so it was only fitting that they got married in a stunning cabin in Cascade, Idaho. They cut the cake overlooking Cascade Lake and you can not get a better view than that. The ceremony site was overlooking the Mountain Pines. There were some very touching moments throughout the whole day. My most favorite was the first look. Max’s mouth literally dropped open when he got to see his gorgeous bride to be. They shared their vows with one another while the guests prayed for the couples love. It was very touching. These two celebrated alongside their family and closest friends.

Magical Sunset

The reception was full of laughter. The parents created a slideshow that was full of lots of fun memories of their childhood and the early stages of their relationship. We got away for some amazing sunset photos. These two get major kudos for literally scaling a mountain to get these photos. Their photos are magical and their personality shines through them. They are such a wonderful couple and their light radiates through and I am truly touched by them. Their first dance was to a song called I Love You But I Lied. Look it up if you don’t know. It’s actually a very good song. They danced to that song and streamed a music video that they made. Yes you heard me right! They made an awesome video with them singing the song. If I had the link I would share it because it was a site to see.

Thank you Max and Allyssa I am truly blessed that I got to capture your wedding.
Boise-Idaho-Wedding-Photographer_0155.jpgBoise-Idaho-Wedding-Photographer_0156.jpgBoise-Idaho-Wedding-Photographer_0157.jpgBoise-Idaho-Wedding-Photographer_0158.jpgBoise-Idaho-Wedding-Photographer_0160.jpgBoise-Idaho-Wedding-Photographer_0161.jpgBoise-Idaho-Wedding-Photographer_0162.jpgMax and Allyssa's Cascade Idaho WeddingMax and Allyssa's Cascade Idaho WeddingBoise-Idaho-Wedding-Photographer_0165.jpgMax and Allyssa's Cascade Idaho WeddingBoise-Idaho-Wedding-Photographer_0167.jpgBoise-Idaho-Wedding-Photographer_0168.jpgBoise-Idaho-Wedding-Photographer_0169.jpgBoise-Idaho-Wedding-Photographer_0170.jpgBoise-Idaho-Wedding-Photographer_0171.jpgBoise-Idaho-Wedding-Photographer_0172.jpgIdaho WeddingMax and Allyssa's cascade Idaho WeddingBoise-Idaho-Wedding-Photographer_0179.jpgCascade Idaho WeddingMax and Allyssa's weddingCascade Idaho weddingBoise-Idaho-Wedding-Photographer_0178.jpg

Flowers and Planning by Kendra Peterson

Dress: Amy’s Bridal Boutique 

Cascade Idaho Wedding

Wedding at Fox Canyon Vineyard

Wedding at Fox Canyon Vineyard. Nikhil and Alyssa’s wedding at Fox Canyon Vineyards was absolutely gorgeous. Though it may have not been on its original date of May 8th it was still so special. They were surrounded by their closest friends and family which made it so intimate and special.

Alyssa and Nikhil’s story dates back to their high school days. Alyssa made a comment while she was getting ready. She dated in high school and always saw an end that is until she met Nikhil she only looked into the future and knew. She said that there was always something different about Nikhil. They graduated and attended The University of Utah where they continued to grow together both as individuals and together as a couple. The two of them finished their degrees this last spring. Nikhil is enlisted in the Marine Corpus. Their adventure is just beginning, I’m so excited you see where life takes them.

Wedding Details

Their wedding was at a beautiful venue in Marsing, Idaho. Fox Canyon Vineyard is under new ownership and they have done so many improvements. It is absolutely gorgeous. The view is remarkable. It overlooks the Snake River and has so many beautiful locations for photos. The new owners have redone the bridal suite, it is beautiful and a photographers dream. The guys also have their own space. It is so nice to have everyone on site.

The details of this wedding were all so thought out. Their colors were saige green, white and gold. The gold accents added so much to their overall design. The tablescape was beautiful and elegant yet not over the top. The girls and the moms had saige robes. The guys looked so classy in their grey suits. No detail was overlooked and I had so much fun shooting all of them. Their ceremony was special. Alyssa’s dad got to walk her down the aisle as well as marry her and Nikhil. The couple elected not to do a first look. The first time Nikhil saw his beautiful bride was as her dad walked her down the aisle. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the crowd. The couple exchanged vows and shared their first kiss as husband and wife.

The reception was full of dancing, a small cake fight and my favorite sunset photos. Though we didn’t have much light. It was just enough to give a little glow. I’m so thankful I got to be a part of something so special. Thanks to amazing vendors who helped make their vision come true. It was truly a beautiful wedding. If you would like to see their beautiful snowy engagement session click here.

Photographer- Jacque S. Photography

Second Shooter- Amanda Alice Photography

Venue and Planning-Fox Canyon Vineyard

Florals- Spera Florals


Hair and Make-up- There She Glows

Dress- B.B. Bridal
Catering- A Lively Chef

Cake- Boise Cakery
Fox Canyon Vineyard WeddingHU4A6827_Boise-Wedding-Photographers.jpgHU4A6859_Boise-Wedding-Photographers.jpgHU4A6931_Boise-Wedding-Photographers.jpgFox Canyon Vineyard WeddingHU4A7054_Boise-Wedding-Photographers.jpgHU4A7035_Boise-Wedding-Photographers.jpgFox Canyon Vineyard WeddingHU4A7152_Boise-Wedding-Photographers.jpg529A2737_Boise-Wedding-Photographers.jpg529A3288_Boise-Wedding-Photographers.jpg0D3O3945_Boise-Wedding-Photographers.jpg529A2831_Boise-Wedding-Photographers.jpgAJ2I1887_Boise-Wedding-Photographers.jpg529A2866_Boise-Wedding-Photographers.jpg529A2927_Boise-Wedding-Photographers.jpgHU4A7348_Boise-Wedding-Photographers.jpg529A2973_Boise-Wedding-Photographers.jpg529A2993_Boise-Wedding-Photographers.jpg529A3044_Boise-Wedding-Photographers.jpg529A3056_Boise-Wedding-Photographers.jpg529A3070_Boise-Wedding-Photographers.jpg529A3272_Boise-Wedding-Photographers.jpg529A3255_Boise-Wedding-Photographers.jpgHU4A7402_Boise-Wedding-Photographers.jpgFox Canyon Vineyard WeddingHU4A7645_Boise-Wedding-Photographers.jpgHU4A7741_Boise-Wedding-Photographers.jpg529A3379_Boise-Wedding-Photographers.jpg529A3379_Boise-Wedding-Photographers-1.jpg529A3429_Boise-Wedding-Photographers.jpgHU4A7852_Boise-Wedding-Photographers.jpg

Fox Canyon Vineyard

Getting Ready Day Tips

Getting ready day tips. Did you know that the average bride spends about 4 hours getting ready for her wedding day! Most of you may be thinking 4 hours really?!?! I am not shocked at all! The getting ready part of the wedding day is a fun time for you and your tribe of girls to hangout in a fun non-stressed environment. During this time there are laughs, maybe a few happy tears and most of making memories with your closest girls. It is not all hair and makeup! I have done my research and I have come up with some 5 simple tip for making the getting ready time smooth and less stressful.

1. Have all your details in one place to be photographed

Gather your wedding details the week of the wedding and place it all in one place. Things such as shoes, perfume, jewelry (most importantly those wedding rings) and invitation suite. By doing this I can come in and gather them up and begin photographing them as soon as I get there.

2. Do not forget the snacks

Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the moment and forget to eat. It is always a good idea to have lunch or hors d’Oeuvres brought in. I want to make sure the bride and bridal party has something to last them through the big day. I always suggest lots of water and snacks.

3. Don’t forget the tunes

Bring a Bluetooth speaker along for the day. It is always fun to have music playing during this part of the day. Music can help lighten the mood. It is fun to create a wedding day playlist of your favorite happy songs that sets to mood for celebration.

4. Include time for doing gifts

This includes gifts to bridesmaids, moms, dads, etc. and exchanging gifts between bride and groom. It’s such a special time and you do not want to be rushed.

5. Bring along an extra pair of comfortable shoes

As a bride or bridesmaid it’s always nice to bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes for during reception. After being in heels all day, having a comfortable option to change into is ideal. Please have this packed and ready to go so you don’t forgot them because you may want them sooner rather than later.

These are just helpful tips that I have come up with along the way. I know that planning and preparing for a wedding is hard work. Hopefully these getting ready day tips will help ease the stress a little! wedding day getting ready
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Getting ready day tips