Oregon Coast Inspired Bridal Session This Oregon Coast Inspired Bridal Session was all about bringing Idaho talent to Oregon beaches. I had the opportunity to shoot an amazing Coastal wedding in Oregon last month and I was so lucky to have this shoot come together. This shoot was beach inspired right down to the florals […]

What type of wedding are you planning?

What type of wedding are you planning? Weddings these days are much different than they were just two years ago. When planning a wedding the first question you and your partner need to ask one another is how big of a guest list are you hoping to have. I find myself questioning are big weddings a thing of the past?  Sure hope not, but with the current state and a global pandemic weddings are looking much different these days.

I often find myself wondering if it is possible to have an intimate wedding that is both elegant and practical with a small guest list. I believe it to be so true just because your guest list is unable to be hundreds of people does not mean that you can not have that elegant wedding you have always dreamed of. Here are some tips to up leveling your wedding and scaling down your guest list.

Hire a Planner

First hire a Planner! I honestly can not say this enough to my couples. The benefits of a wedding planner go on and on. As a photographer I have never met a bride that regretted investing in a planner. Planners are good for so many reasons but one of my favorites (Probably because I am not talented in the area of design) is their amazing ability to create beautiful design elements. These elements bring the whole day together. They are truly what makes your dream wedding vision a reality.

Erin with Dreamer Events here in Idaho is so much more than just a vendor. I have had the pleasure of working with her now and I can say with confidence she will make your wedding a dream come true. Erin is going to set your tables, make sure all your candles are straight and lit. Her attention to all the details is immaculate. Erin is going to watch for those stray hairs and fluff that dress when needed. She will make sure you look your best while creating beautiful design elements to add to your wedding day and make it a dream come true.

Custom Invitations

Second, up level your stationary. The guest list may be significantly smaller than expected this means less invitations to go out. Hire a local designer that specializes in creating gorgeous invitations. Have them create stationary that represents the style and tone of your wedding. There is something to be said about custom invitations. Denise with Something Lettered does just this and is local to the Treasure Valley. Her work is stunning and speaks for itself. Check her out Denise HERE. Another option is Paperie and Pen. They are right here in the Treasure Valley.

Create Floral Masterpieces

Third, just because your wedding may be on the smaller size does not mean that you need to skimp on the florals. Use some of your extra budget to create floral masterpieces. Maybe instead of 15 center pieces you are now only in need of five. Make those five tables absolutely stunning. Maybe you are not having a wedding party, instead invest in that bouquet of yours. I can make your whole wedding day photos look like you had flowers for days if you invest in your wedding bouquet. There are some fabulous local florists that are able to do the kind of work that you see in the photos below. If you are needing suggestions, reach out I would be happy to send you a few amazing artists that I fully trust.

What type of Wedding are you Planning? No matter the size of your guest list your wedding will be beautiful. If you are unable to have 100s of people it does not mean that your wedding dreams can not come true. I hope this post has helped shed some light on the fact that a beautiful wedding is still possible with a small guest list. If you are considering limiting your wedding size think about streaming it for your friends and family that were unable to attend. These times are not the best but it does not mean you need to completely change how you envisioned your wedding. If you are affected by COVID-19 please also check out this blog post it may help you click HERE

Tips For Choosing Wedding Colors Planning a wedding is well….It’s a lot of work. With my experience in the wedding industry as a photographer. I have started to put together some tips for my brides that I have found useful over the years. Tips for choosing wedding colors to have a stress free planning process. […]

Boise Wedding PHotographer

Creating an Epic Engagement Shoot

How to ditch nerves and get an awesome engagement session. Creating an Epic Engagement Shoot We can chat all day about your engagement session. However no matter how much we chat you still get those nerves the day of your session. So many questions racing through your mind. How do I stand? What do I do with my hands? Do I look awkward? These are all common questions. That is where I come in. I have done research and education on posing and helping you create natural portraits while having fun in front of the camera. I can go on and on about the benefits of an engagement session but I have a post for planning your engagement session. You can find it HERE! As for the EPICNESS here are some fun suggestions that will help take your engagement session to the next level.

Make it an adventure!

Planning an engagement lesson should be fun! Do you have a location that screams EPIC to you? Could it be in downtown? Maybe in the mountains somewhere. Location is key and you should think about where you want your photos.

Take time to plan your attire!

This goes hand and hand with your location choice. Plan your outfits around the colors that will be present with your location choice. Another helpful tip is to bring an extra outfit, one dressy and one casual. Have fun with your outfits but make sure that for the most part they are solid colors without busy patterns.

Lose yourself….In each other

This should be a fun experience that helps bring out your personalities. Don’t be surprised if I ask your husband-to-be to whisper something in your ear to make you both laugh. Or if I ask you to share a kiss and smile afterwards. All simple tips that help make your photos magical.

Take your time

Plan to be taking photos for about 90 mins. If we finish early that’s great but there is no reason to rush. Have fun! All this is preparing you for your wedding day. We will most likely do two different locations. To get good variety out of your shoot.

Lastly and most Importantly! Chase the light!

Follow the light. Light is magical and creates beautiful photos. Plan to have your session about 90 minutes before the sun sets. This will allow us to chase the light and create magical portraits. Golden hour gives an incredible glow. It is my favorite time to shoot. Sunrise is always a good time as well.

boise Idaho photographer,wedding photographer,
boise Idaho photographer,wedding photographer,

Getting Ready Day Tips Getting ready day tips. Did you know that the average bride spends about 4 hours getting ready for her wedding day! Most of you may be thinking 4 hours really?!?! I am not shocked at all! The getting ready part of the wedding day is a fun time for you and […]

Are You Affected By COVID-19?

Are you or someone you know affected by COVID-19?  There is a lot that goes into planning your big day, no matter where the date falls on the calendar. Sadly today’s brides are faced with a whole new level of planning. COVID-19 is stretching across the entire world affecting everyone and everything in its path. It’s causing brides to change every detail or even postpone the day they have been planning for months and months. With the current CDC recommendations and the ever changing virus, there is so much uncertainty during these times. If your wedding is in the next 8 weeks there is so much to think about. Hopefully this post will help you during this stressful time.

There Is Always A Solution

I have done a lot of research in writing this blog post so that hopefully it may give you some tips and things to think about if it arises that you need to adjust your plans. Different planners in the industry and travel experts offer their biggest piece of advice. Be prepaid, follow the local new outlets and most importantly maintain an open conversation with your wedding vendors and guests. Also if you are able to you should book a planner to help you navigate this crazy time. Many planners are offering a free consultation call for all brides that are affected by this pandemic.  This is a fantastic offer and she is so willing to help. Problems arise all the time, and some way there is always a solution.

If the wedding is planned after mid-May go along and keep planning, but also keep open communication with your vendors and stay current on the news and CDC updates. You can find the CDC updates here.

Here are some tips:

Speak with your vendors:
Communication is key. They are there to assist you and help you plan for challenges that may arise. My best advice is to be transparent, 100 percent honest about your plans and your feelings. Revisit the contract that you signed (I hope you signed one). Most contracts cover cancellations and rescheduling. Chances are you have built a relationship with your vendors and they want to do anything in their power to help you.

Inform Your Guests:
Do you have a wedding website? Keep your guests current on any updates that you may have to your wedding. Maybe attach the CDC website so they can plan their travel accordingly. If they are worried about travel or you have many elderly that will be in attendance you could think about possibly setting up a live stream of your wedding, so they don’t miss the big moments.

Take Extra Precautions:
Help keep guests germ free by having extra hand sanitizer stations across your venue. Have signs that encourage extra hand washing. Let your guests know that you are taking these steps to help ease their worry.

Think about eloping:
Eloping may not have even crossed your mind. You, your love and your closest family or friends and a wedding officiant, Save the reception until this whole mess is over. Maybe squeeze some extra money into your budget to have someone film your elopement to play at a later date when you are actually able to celebrate with all of your friends and family. This allows them to be a part of your day without actually being there.

Stay Calm

Breathe…Take time to de-stress. This is a hard time for everyone around the country. So many uncertainties, you are not alone! Many people are in your shoes as well as so many vendors. Talk with your vendors. Hash out a couple of different outcomes just in case you need to adjust your plans. Know that I am always here even if you just need someone to listen. No one could have seen this one coming….well at least I did not. It’s not ideal but we will move forward and make it past this. If you are affected by COVID-19 things will workout.
Are You Affected by COVID-19?

Finding My Style Style of Photography Matters! Finding my style. It’s almost like an adventure discovering new places and new restaurants in a place you just moved to. Once I found it, it set my heart on fire. I know kind of silly but a photographer’s style added to her client experience is what sets […]

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What Is In My Gear Bag

The key behind beautiful professional photography?

What is in my gear bag? When I first started my journey in photography I thought all it took was the push of a button to create these magical images I would see. Quickly I learned that there is so much more to that. Different camera modes, different lenses that create different looking images. A manual mode that lets you have complete control of your images and the way they look. I learned quickly that in order to create images that will be high quality and last generations I needed to LEARN.

A hard lesson learned

Quickly I learned I needed to devote a mass amount of my time learning not only learning the ins and outs of my entry level DSLR, but learning how to create a perfectly exposed photo in camera. Thank goodness for my Canon Rebel t3i that started it all. It’s harder than you think. The perfectly exposed photo has to fall right in the confusing ISO-Aperture-Shutter speed triangle.

My Camera Gear

This brings me to the topic of this post. The gear I carry on a typical wedding day. My favorite gear and what lens I love for portraits. First I will start with my camera bodies. You will find me carrying two bodies every wedding and a backup body that never comes out. I carry two cameras because often times I have different situations where I need two different lenses and I do not want to have to stop and change the lens and take that chance of missing a moment of importance. My main camera body is a 5D Mark VI with my second body a 5D Mark iii. Just in case something happens to one of those cameras I have a backup 6D. All of these cameras are full frame and produce wonderful photographs.

My Most Favorite Lens

My goto lenses! Lenses are my weakness. I have way to many of them, I keep telling myself that each one serves a different purpose.  Most used lens is my Canon 85mm 1.4. This lens is a gorgeous portrait lens. The compression this lens offers is amazing. It is a toss up between my Canon 50mm 1.2 and my Canon 24-70 2.8 lens. I would have to say I use my 24-70 more for ceremonies and family formals. For those ceremonies that I have to be pretty far away, I bring out my Canon 70-200mm 2.8. This lens is a BEAST but it really helps me be able to stay away and let the couple have their moment without me taking away from it. My final lens is a Canon 100mm 2.8 macro. The sole purpose of this lens is for ring photos.

Kinda of silly I know but it takes killer ring shots.

The Rest of the Gear

Random gear you find me using. I use two flashes, one is for off camera flash. This one is always on a stand with an umbrella. It helps really fill the light on those dark dance floors. The other is always on my camera. You never know when you are going to need it. It usually will have a MagMod diffuser on it. If you are a photographer you should check them out. I carry all of my gear in a Pelican 1510 rolling case. However, I have a bit of a camera bag problem. Almost as bad as my lens problem. My love for The House of Flynn bags is totally noticeable. I have a couple of those as well. On smaller shoots I will typically have one of those.

I also have a styling kit that I carry to aid me in photographing the details. In this kit I have a styling mat, trays and ribbon that I often use when photographing wedding day details. Hopefully this provided some insights on what is in my gear bag

Below are some images with the settings that I used to achieve the look.
My camera bag and whats in it

Canon 85mm ISO 320 F2.8 1/640
boise Idaho photographer,wedding photographer,

 24-70 Canon L II ISO 640 F3.2 1/400
What is in my gear bag

Canon 50mm ISO 1250 F1.6 1/200
What Is In My Gear Bag

85mm ISO 320 F2.2 1/250
boise Idaho photographer,wedding photographer,

 100mm Canon Macro ISO 125 f3.2 1/400

My gear most of it anyways….

Here are links to where you can find the gear I use Canon , Magmod, Pelican Cases

Last but not least! The most stylish camera bags ever found at The House of Flynn

Whats in my camera bag

10 things you do after you say yes! You said YES what is next? Your brain may be going a million miles an hour trying to figure out what to do next.  Hopefully this blog post will help some of the stresses of planning a wedding go away. You Said YES! Now What? 10 helpful […]

You said yes, now what?

Planning your Engagement Shoot

Let’s talk about engagement shoots! Planning an engagement shoot may be a little stressful. I thought I’d pop in an offer my take on them as well, as some tips to make the planning process easier.

Let’s talk about why you should have one with your wedding photographer. This is a great no pressure time to get to know your photographer and also most importantly to feel comfortable in front of the camera with your photographer. They will be spending most of your wedding day with you. It’s also a great way to learn poses and get a feel for the ones that you feel most comfortable doing. Let’s face it I still remember my engagement shoot and it’s been 15 years. The awkwardness not knowing where to put my hands. Was I to smile or not. These are all things that I will help you with. I will provide you with the direction that you need and pose you when needed. Really it’s just an excuse for me to get to hang out and get to know the both of you a little bit better!

Meaningful Location

Second let’s talk about location! The question that always comes up!!! Where would you like to take your photos? Luckily for me there wasn’t very many options when it came to a location to take engagement photos in the little town that I lived in. However we are in a metropolitan area and there are a ton of locations it just depends on what you’re looking for. Do you want a city feel in your photos? Photos in the mountains with a forest feel? Is there a special place that’s pretty sentimental to the two of you. A coffee shop, a special theater you went on your first date at. These are all things that can play a role in where you may want your engagement photos. It’s something to keep in the back of your mind.

What to Wear

Third! What on do you wear to your engagement shoot? The answer is pretty simple bring a few outfits. Bring a dressy outfit and then a couple casual ones. Wear floppy hat or whatever suits your style and your personality bring it with you. Of course I do have some things to avoid such as loud patterns. You may not want to wear those rainbow striped leggings that you own. Colors that compliment one another work well together. Also take into account where you’re taking your photos. A good example would be if you wanted snow engagement photos you most likely aren’t going to want to wear white because it will blend in with the snow. Instead maybe a dark burgundy or dark green something that makes you pop from the background. If you’re having doubts about your colors Pinterest is an awesome resource and I’ll link you to my outfit inspiration board HERE.

Also I love furry friends. Do you have a dog that special bring it along we’ll put it in a couple pictures. It’s always fun to have them tag along and I’m a huge dog lover.

Below is some outfit inspiration!!
boise Idaho photographer,wedding photographer,
boise Idaho photographer,wedding photographer,
boise Idaho photographer,wedding photographer,

Bogus Basin Engagement shoot