Meet Jacque:

When I discovered wedding photography, it was this amazing elixir of everything I love: fine details, beauty, light, and of course, a love story. I was hooked, and I’ve been celebrating love stories with my camera for clients in Idaho, Oregon, and Utah. Boise Idaho Wedding Photographer, but always available for travel adventures!

My background and degree are in Elementary Education, and I have a Master's in Curriculum Development, so being helpful and planning is in my DNA. I’m committed to a Disney-like experience for my couples!

I’m not content to be just a vendor who shows up on your wedding day; I want to be of value to you from start to finish. From helpful tips on how to organize and plan your day to just being someone to bounce ideas off, I’m here for it all and would love to be a resource for you.

The clients who hire me want someone who can help them have the most beautiful and stress-free wedding possible so they can spend their time celebrating with the people they love most in the world.


caffeinated drinks to get me through the day.


beautiful weddings are photographed every year.


trip to McCall makes my heart happy.

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What I love most:

The joy that is captured during your first portraits as husband and wife

Bride and Groom Portraits 

Fresh Florals

There is nothing better then fresh flowers on your wedding day.  Adds so much unique detail.

Wedding Day Details

Wedding Details are some of my most favorite thing to photograph. They tie the whole day together.

Family and friends

My Family is so important to me.  They are the light of my life. We love adventuring and spending time together.

Armed with a newborn and a camera, I found that my life-changing event of becoming a mother also came with the realization the best things in life are precious and fleeting and worthy of being recorded.

Though I had dabbled in the darkroom with photography in high school, it was when I began capturing those everyday photos and those milestone photos of my daughter that I realized how much I needed to express myself as an artist.

My Journey Began with....


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The early years of my business were spent learning and growing. My nights were spent editing and sorting photos for other creatives.  I loved editing photos, it really helped me grow and develop.  Often times my husband would get home and I would sit in front of the computer for 3 hours straight. That summer I edited 10,000 plus photos.  I assisted and second shot for two wedding seasons. This helped me learn and grow in so many ways. It also helped me gain confidence in my abilities..

But it wasn't always easy...


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Having a business is such a blessing. It comes with so many rewards and so much hard work.  I am thankful for a loving husband that supports me in my dream. The countless hours of learning and developing into the business gal I strive to be. I am so thankful for my clients.  My business would not be where it is today without the amazing relationships I have formed over the years.

Having a business...


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