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When I discovered wedding photography, it was this amazing elixir of everything I love: fine details, beauty, light, and of course, a love story. I was hooked, and I’ve been celebrating love stories with my camera for clients in Idaho, Oregon, and Utah. Serving locally as a Boise Wedding Photographer. I love to travel and am looking to add more destinations to my list!

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"She is easy to get ahold of, responsive, and the value is amazing. Her turnaround time is unbeatable and her style is timeless. Jacque's bubbly, outgoing, and welcoming personality. She was so interested in getting to know us and our story to better our client experience."

"hands-down the best photographer"

- Alyssa

"She has an innate ability to capture genuine moments without the couple knowing. Her caring and passionate personality drew us close and you could feel her excitement elevate just as much as we were for our wedding day."

"we were going to gain a new friend"

Narcy and Josh

"Jacque was so willing to help us in any way she could. She would send heart-warming emails, offered to help us plan things, sent hand-written cards that were so lovely, and more. My wife and I felt so cared for and loved the whole way through."

"amazing photographer and person."

- Max and Allyssa

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