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Wedding Photography Coverage Needed

September 4, 2023

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Wedding Photography Coverage Needed

One of the most asked questions I get as a wedding photographer is how much Wedding Photography Coverage Needed. This is such a complex question I have decided it needs its own post about it. When deciding on a wedding the amount of wedding coverage you need there are several things you should consider.  Let’s talk about some important factors that go into choosing coverage. 

Location, Location. This is a huge factor in determining wedding day coverage.  When you decided on a venue you also decided on your getting ready space.  Does your venue have designated getting ready spaces for both the bride and groom? If it does, you just cut down on the amount of coverage you need.  Think about it for a minute. If you are getting ready off site you have to factor in travel time to the venue maybe it’s just a few miles away or maybe it’s across town.  Are you doing a first look at a different location other than your venue that is also adding travel time.  

Second, are you doing a first look as a couple? If so, most of your formal photos will take place before your ceremony.  This may mean that I need to be there earlier and if you are wanting coverage till the end of your reception you will need to make sure that extra time is allotted to cover that. There are fun exceptions to this if you as a couple do not want hundreds of photos of people dancing. You could have a controlled exit with your bridal party.  

Let’s talk sample timelines for my most popular packages 6, 8 and 10 hours.

10 hours Wedding day coverage.  I do have people that request to book this much time.  There are cases where I have needed this much time however most wedding days do not need this much time.  This is a sample timeline for a wedding that I photographed a while back that took place in four different locations and also involved a full Catholic Mass. These events required quite a bit of travel time and ceremony coverage.  

11:00 Photographer arrives at Brides hotel for getting ready photos

12:00 Photographer departs hotel and heads to St John’s

12:15 Bridal Party heads to St Johns for Ceremony

1:00 Ceremony Begins 

2:30 Ceremony Ends and Family Formals start

3:15 Finishes Couples Photos outside of Church

3:30 Everyone Heads to Botanical Gardens 

4:00 Cocktail hour begins 

4:15 Bridal Party Photos and finish Family Formals

5:30 Dinner beings to be served 

6:00 Toasts start 6 toasts

6:45 Cake Cutting

7:00 Band Shows for Traditional Basque Exit

7:15 Travel to Basque Center

7:30 Reception Begins 

8:00 Photograph traditional Basque Dances

9:00 Photographer Departs

8 hours of Wedding Day Coverage

8 hours of wedding day coverage.  I think this is my most popular wedding package. Sometimes couples can be torn between 6 and 8 hours of coverage. It’s totally understandable.  Let’s look at 8 hours first 

1:00 Photographer arrives for tail end of getting ready and detail photos

1:45 Bride gets in dress

2:00 First Look 

2:15 Bridal Party party photos

2:30 Family Formals

3:00 Hide away 

3:30 guests start arriving

3:45 Bridal Party Lineup

4:00 Ceremony Begins

4:30 Ceremony Ends Finish Family Formals

4:45 Cocktail Hour

5:30 Grand Entrance right into first dances

6:00 Dinner is served

6:45 Toasts start

7:00 Cake cutting

7:15 Steal away sunset photos

7:45 Bride and Dad and Groom and Mom dances

8:00 Bouquet Tosses

8:20 Open Dancing/Mock sparkler exit

9:00 Photographer Leaves

6 Hours of Wedding Day Coverage

6 hours of wedding day coverage is my second most popular wedding coverage package. This package does not allow for any travel time so it is best for couples that have everything happening at one location.  I typically come at the tail end of getting ready and stay through the important reception events.  These are great for more intimate weddings that do not have a lot of events that happen during them.  Maybe there are only a couple toasts and not much planned during the reception.  All those reception games definitely add time to the reception.  Here is a great example of a 6 hour timeline as you will notice the events of the day are more condensed and flow faster.  Wedding Photography Coverage Needed for a 6 hour timeline.

2:30 Photographer arrives for detail and getting ready shots.

3:00 Bride gets in dress and Formal Bridesmaid photos follow

3:30 Groom and Groomsmen photos take place

3:45 Everyone is hidden away and guests begin to arrive

4:00 Ceremony

4:30 Family formals and Bridal Party photos take place

5:15 Grand Entrance

5:30 Dinner 

5:45 Toasts (2 of them)

6:00 First Dances start happening

6:30 Cake cutting

6:40 Steal away for Sunset Photos

7:00 Bride and Groom parent dances

7:15 Open Dancing

7:45 Bouquet Tosses 

8:15 Bride and Groom Sparkler Exit

8:30 Photographer Leaves

Hopefully these examples help you decided how much Wedding Photography Coverage Needed for your special day. For more wedding day planning tips click HERE. If you’re ready to chat about coverage head to the contact form and fill it out. I’m excited to chat with you!

Wedding Photography Coverage Needed

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