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My Professional Camera Gear

January 18, 2020

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My Professional Camera Gear

The key behind beautiful professional photography?

What is my professional camera gear I carry? When I first started my journey in photography I thought all it took was the push of a button to create these magical images I would see. Quickly I learned that there is so much more to that. Different camera modes, different lenses that create different looking images. A manual mode that lets you have complete control of your images and the way they look. I learned quickly that in order to create images that will be high quality and last generations I needed to LEARN.

A hard lesson learned

Learning is so important I devoted a mass amount of my time learning not only learning the ins and outs of my entry level DSLR, but learning how to create a perfectly exposed photo in camera. Thank goodness for my Canon Rebel t3i that started it all. It’s harder than you think. The perfectly exposed photo has to fall right in the confusing ISO-Aperture-Shutter speed triangle.

My Camera Gear

This brings me to the topic of this post. The gear I carry on a typical wedding day. My favorite gear and what lens I love for portraits. First I will start with my camera bodies. You will find me carrying two bodies every wedding and a backup body that never comes out. Carrying two cameras because often times I have different situations where I need two different lenses and I do not want to have to stop and change the lens and take that chance of missing a moment of importance. Over the years I have upgraded to two Canon R6 cameras. Switching to mirrorless two seasons ago was a game changer. I also have a backup in case something happens to both of these cameras. All of these cameras are full frame and produce wonderful photographs.

My Most Favorite Lens

My goto lenses! Lenses are my weakness. I have way to many of them, I keep telling myself that each one serves a different purpose.  Most used lens is my Canon 85mm 1.4. This lens is a gorgeous portrait lens. The compression this lens offers is amazing. It is a toss up between my Canon 50mm 1.2 and my Canon 24-70 2.8 lens. I would have to say I use my 24-70 more for ceremonies and family formals. For those ceremonies that I have to be pretty far away, I bring out my Canon 70-200mm 2.8. This lens is a BEAST but it really helps me be able to stay away and let the couple have their moment without me taking away from it. My final lens is a Canon 100mm 2.8 macro. The sole purpose of this lens is for ring photos.

Kinda of silly I know but it takes killer ring shots.

The Rest of the Gear

Random gear you find me using. I use three flashes, two are for off camera flash. This one is always on a stand with an umbrella. It helps really fill the light on those dark dance floors. The other is always on my camera. You never know when you are going to need it. It usually will have a MagMod diffuser on it. If you are a photographer you should check them out. All of my gear in a Pelican 1510 rolling case. However, I have a bit of a camera bag problem. Almost as bad as my lens problem. My love for The House of Flynn bags is totally noticeable. I have a couple of those as well. On smaller shoots I will typically have one of those.

I also have a styling kit that I carry to aid me in photographing the details. In this kit I have a styling mat, trays and ribbon that I often use when photographing wedding day details. Hopefully this provided some insights on what is in my gear bag. Some of my most recent blog posts can be found HERE

Below are some images with the settings that I used to achieve the look.

Canon 85 ISO 125 F3.5 1/400

Canon 24-70 ISO 1000 F3.5 1/320

Canon 24-70 ISO 400 F3.5 1/320

Canon 50mm ISO 1250 F1.6 1/200
What Is In My Gear Bag

Canon 100mm ISO 200 F3.5 1/400

My gear most of it anyways….

Here are links to where you can find the gear I use Canon , Magmod, Pelican Cases

Last but not least! The most stylish camera bags ever found at The House of Flynn

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