Vintage Style Meets Elegant Charm

January 11, 2024

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Vintage Style Meets Elegant Charm

When Alyssa originally reached out to me and asked me to take her and hubby’s couples portraits I had no idea that Vintage Style meets Elegant Charm was possible quite like this.  I photographed these two’s engagements in the exact same place a few years ago.  I was so excited when they wanted to return to this location for a snowy session.  I was not sure that there was going to be snow but I was so happy that we got it.  If you would like to see their snowy mountain engagement session click HERE.

This dress says it all.  Alyssa always has style and when she sent me a photo of it along with the inspiration that she was hoping for this shoot I knew it was going to be fun and turn out beautifully.  I mean I wish more of my clients would bring dresses like this along to their engagement session.  Her vibe that she was hoping for was early military photos with classic black and whites.  This location is always one of my favorite winter locations.  There is always normally snow out there when there is not any in the valley.  The location showcases the perfect mix of Idaho mountains with a touch of nature’s beauty.  The stream that slowly runs through will eventually freeze over.  This spot never disappoints.  It is my goto for that winter mountain look. 

This Vintage Style meets Elegant Charm shoot was the perfect shoot to get creative and really have fun.  It was fun to play with angles and get new looks.  The back of the dress was my favorite with the hairbow.  It just tied the whole look together.  

Vintage Style Meets Elegant Charm
idaho photographer
Vintage Style Meets Elegant Charm

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