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Planning your Engagement Shoot

July 7, 2019

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Planning your Engagement Shoot

Let’s talk about engagement shoots! Planning an engagement shoot may be a little stressful. I thought I’d pop in an offer my take on them as well, as some tips to make the planning process easier.

Let’s talk about why you should have one with your wedding photographer. This is a great no pressure time to get to know your photographer and also most importantly to feel comfortable in front of the camera with your photographer. They will be spending most of your wedding day with you. It’s also a great way to learn poses and get a feel for the ones that you feel most comfortable doing. Let’s face it I still remember my engagement shoot and it’s been 15 years. The awkwardness not knowing where to put my hands. Was I to smile or not. These are all things that I will help you with. I will provide you with the direction that you need and pose you when needed. Really it’s just an excuse for me to get to hang out and get to know the both of you a little bit better!

Meaningful Location

Second let’s talk about location! The question that always comes up!!! Where would you like to take your photos? Luckily for me there wasn’t very many options when it came to a location to take engagement photos in the little town that I lived in. However we are in a metropolitan area and there are a ton of locations it just depends on what you’re looking for. Do you want a city feel in your photos? Photos in the mountains with a forest feel? Is there a special place that’s pretty sentimental to the two of you. A coffee shop, a special theater you went on your first date at. These are all things that can play a role in where you may want your engagement photos. It’s something to keep in the back of your mind.

What to Wear

Third! What on do you wear to your engagement shoot? The answer is pretty simple bring a few outfits. Bring a dressy outfit and then a couple casual ones. Wear floppy hat or whatever suits your style and your personality bring it with you. Of course I do have some things to avoid such as loud patterns. You may not want to wear those rainbow striped leggings that you own. Colors that compliment one another work well together. Also take into account where you’re taking your photos. A good example would be if you wanted snow engagement photos you most likely aren’t going to want to wear white because it will blend in with the snow. Instead maybe a dark burgundy or dark green something that makes you pop from the background. If you’re having doubts about your colors Pinterest is an awesome resource and I’ll link you to my outfit inspiration board HERE.

Also I love furry friends. Do you have a dog that special bring it along we’ll put it in a couple pictures. It’s always fun to have them tag along and I’m a huge dog lover.

Below is some outfit inspiration!!
boise Idaho photographer,wedding photographer,
boise Idaho photographer,wedding photographer,
boise Idaho photographer,wedding photographer,

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