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Style of Photography Matters

February 27, 2020

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Finding My Style

Style of Photography Matters! Finding my style. It’s almost like an adventure discovering new places and new restaurants in a place you just moved to. Once I found it, it set my heart on fire. I know kind of silly but a photographer’s style added to her client experience is what sets us apart. Many hours of editing and developing my shooting style has brought me to where I am today. There are so many photographers out there and so many different styles. Dark and moody, light and airy, desaturated, orange tones and so much more. It is important when choosing a photographer that you fall in love with their style. The photos that they post and what is on their website is going to be the type of photos you will be delivered.

Style of Photography Matters – Three Tips when looking at Photographers

TIP ONE: Choose a photographer that sets your soul on fire. Most importantly you love the colors and tones of their photographs
My Style: My style is clean and classic and bright. I like to think of it as romantic. I do not use any filters, actions, or presets you know the magic one button click and done! Nope all the images that my couples receive are hand touched by ME yes Me! I love editing it is one of my favorite parts about photography. Let’s talk a little bit more about editing.

TIP TWO: Editing what I do and what I don’t. This is a very important questions to consider when hiring a photographer. I do color correct. If something isn’t quite right with skin tones or color tones I adjust that in editing. I do take away blemishes. Planning a wedding is stressful let’s face it sometimes you have the unthinkable happen and you have a breakout. I will take care of you. I had the worst one on my wedding and seeing photos still make me cringe. Times are different now and editing is quicker. It’s an easy fix. I DO NOT take away birthmarks, tattoos, or anything that is permanent. I CANNOT make you slimmer. I’m sorry there are services out there that will fix those type of things but I do not. You are beautiful the way you are and I want to capture you that way.

TIP THREE: The last important questions we will chat about is what you should expect in terms of your wedding day photography? What you should expect when hiring me as your photographer in terms of your images from your wedding day! I show up early usually to start with the detail photographs. I am there to fluff your dress and hold your flowers and so on. Let’s talk about the images I deliver 50-100 photos per hour I am shooting. I will let you do the math.

When do you get your photos?

After you leave for the night I head home and upload photos, back them up and usually post one right way. From there I carefully curate a blog post with some of my favorite images throughout the day. You will have a sneak peek the week after your wedding. This consists of the blog photos and a few extras. After that I work on family photos. Once those are done I will then sort your catalog and select the best of the best to represent your day. You will have a finished gallery within 4 to 6 weeks of your wedding.

I hope this explains a little bit more about the photo aspect of your wedding day. Choose a photographer that you love their style! Photography is an investment remember that. That is the biggest take away from this post.
Style of Photography Matters
boise photographer-0243_Boise-Wedding-Photographers.jpg
boise photographer-9663_Boise-Wedding-Photographers.jpg
Idaho Wedding PHotographer
Wedding at the Olana in Dallas Texas

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