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Tips for Choosing Wedding Colors

May 6, 2020

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Tips For Choosing Wedding Colors

Planning a wedding is well….It’s a lot of work. With my experience in the wedding industry as a photographer. I have started to put together some tips for my brides that I have found useful over the years. Tips for choosing wedding colors to have a stress free planning process.

Get INSPIRED by your setting

Where are you having your wedding? By this time in the planning process you most likely already have your venue and a photographer. You have most likely decided on an overall vibe of your wedding. Is it a classic, elegant theme at a downtown venue? Maybe its barn wedding with a rustic feel. It could be a simple outdoor wedding with a bright and vibrant theme. Knowing the setting of your wedding will help you choose your colors. If it’s in the mountain look around and draw from the setting. Deep Greens for the Pine Trees and tie in some rich colors with décor and lighten it up with your bridesmaid dresses.

Keep your VISION in mind

I’m sure you have done some much Pinterest research and gained a vision on the overall theme of your wedding. This overall vision will help you in choosing your colors. Head to the local hardware store and pick up some paint swatches of shades that are the type of colors that you are drawn to. Lay them out next to each other and make sure they complement one another.

Consider the season

Spring, summer, fall, winter each season is unique. The flowers that are present in that season matter. Spring colors are full of light soft colors. Fall colors are rich and warm. Each season brings new colors to light. No matter the season there are always beautiful colors present.

Look to what you LOVE

Chances are you have been dreaming of this day a while now and if you are anything like I was I knew that colors that I wanted back when I was 12. Go with what you love and your wedding will be beautiful no matter the colors you choose. What colors set you heart on fire? What goes well with the season?

Don’t get overwhelmed

This is the most important tip. Do not let this consume you, this should not stress you out. There are a lot of colors out there. No matter the colors you choose at the end of the day you are marrying your best friend, your partner in crime. 20 years from now you are not going to look back and remember the stress you went through while picking you’re your wedding day colors.
Tips for choosing wedding colors

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