Getting Ready Day Tips

April 1, 2020

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Getting Ready Day Tips

Getting ready day tips. Did you know that the average bride spends about 4 hours getting ready for her wedding day! Most of you may be thinking 4 hours really?!?! I am not shocked at all! The getting ready part of the wedding day is a fun time for you and your tribe of girls to hangout in a fun non-stressed environment. During this time there are laughs, maybe a few happy tears and most of making memories with your closest girls. It is not all hair and makeup! I have done my research and I have come up with some 5 simple tip for making the getting ready time smooth and less stressful.

1. Have all your details in one place to be photographed

Gather your wedding details the week of the wedding and place it all in one place. Things such as shoes, perfume, jewelry (most importantly those wedding rings) and invitation suite. By doing this I can come in and gather them up and begin photographing them as soon as I get there.

2. Do not forget the snacks

Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the moment and forget to eat. It is always a good idea to have lunch or hors d’Oeuvres brought in. I want to make sure the bride and bridal party has something to last them through the big day. I always suggest lots of water and snacks.

3. Don’t forget the tunes

Bring a Bluetooth speaker along for the day. It is always fun to have music playing during this part of the day. Music can help lighten the mood. It is fun to create a wedding day playlist of your favorite happy songs that sets to mood for celebration.

4. Include time for doing gifts

This includes gifts to bridesmaids, moms, dads, etc. and exchanging gifts between bride and groom. It’s such a special time and you do not want to be rushed.

5. Bring along an extra pair of comfortable shoes

As a bride or bridesmaid it’s always nice to bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes for during reception. After being in heels all day, having a comfortable option to change into is ideal. Please have this packed and ready to go so you don’t forgot them because you may want them sooner rather than later.

These are just helpful tips that I have come up with along the way. I know that planning and preparing for a wedding is hard work. Hopefully these getting ready day tips will help ease the stress a little! wedding day getting ready
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Getting ready day tips

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