Max and Allyssa’s Cascade Idaho Wedding

  1. Sheri Wiedenhoeft says:

    These pictures are beautiful! Truly! You captured the love, joy and peace of the day. You took all the little pieces and portrayed them both eloquently and thoughtfully.

    Thank you for the words you wrote about Max and Allyssa on your blog. A wedding is a very intimate event, and your investment in them is much appreciated. Your photos
    show that you knew them and enjoyed them. I know Max & Allyssa adored you. You were a gift from God.

    Additionally, thank you for allowing us to snap a few of our own pictures over your shoulder. Not many photographers do.

    I see why you are highly regarded.

    Sheri (Max’s mom)

    • Jacque Sudbrock says:

      It was such an incredible day. I’m so blessed to have been apart of it. Thank you for the kind words. They mean the world to me.

  2. Gina Tedeschi says:

    Jacque, thank you for capturing, so well, the beauty of the wedding between our daughter, Allyssa, and our new son, Max! Having you there taking pictures of this most important moment in their lives, and photographing the story of their day of becoming one, is priceless! These photographs are so beautiful! I’m so thankful we found you and that you were available to be at their wedding? I know that you were scheduled to be somewhere else on July 25th. God knew we needed you so He made it possible for you to capture these unforgettable beautiful moments of their wedding. You so easily fit into our family, that we consider you family! Thank you again, for doing such an amazing job!

    ❤️Gina Tedeschi
    Mother of the bride

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