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Questions to Ask A Wedding Photographer

February 27, 2023

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Things to ask your wedding photographer before booking

Questions to Ask A Wedding Photographer

Questions to Ask A Wedding Photographer. Let’s be real for a second, wedding photographers are popping up faster than I can pop popcorn.  Everywhere I turn there is some new photographer offering some crazy deal for you to book them for your wedding. Your wedding is a unique experience and should be handled like so by an experienced photographer. Even if it is not me, you deserve to be taken care of so your photography experience is not stressful. I have done some research and came up with things that need to be asked when reaching out to wedding photographers.

How long have you been a Professional Wedding Photographer?

This is a loaded question. Let’s break it down. There are all types of photographers, most of them have a specialty, some of them do it all.  Oftentimes you will not find a Newborn Photographer who also specializes in weddings.  Normally it’s one or the other. You will want to ask them how many weddings they have shot as a lead photographer. There is a huge difference between second shooting and a lead photographer. You will also want to know how many years they have been running a professional business. 

Answer: I have been photographing weddings for 7 seasons. 5 seasons on my own 2 when I was first starting out as an assistant and second shooter. I have shot over 50 weddings as a lead photographer.I have professionally been in business for 7 years.

Style matters ask the photographer to describe their Photography Style.

It is so important that the photographer’s aesthetic and style matches your wedding vision. You can get a feel for style by reading past blog posts, visiting social media and websites. It’s important that you love the style because chances are you will get what you see through these platforms.

Answer: My images are full of emotion. I can pose when I need to but I love capturing raw authentic moments throughout your wedding day.

Editing Style is so Important

Ask about Editing Style

In today’s market there are so many different editing trends. Some common trends are Moody, light and airy, true to color. The editing style will affect the overall appearance of your wedding images.  Consider asking during your interview how they will achieve a consistent style through different lighting situations. Also ask about the amount of retouching the photographer typically does.

Answer: I believe in capturing your day in a very true to color approach. My images are real life. What you see is what you are going to get. I hand edit every image. They are consistent throughout every aspect of your day. I do not apply any filters that change the colors of your images.  Your bouquet will look like it did through your eyes. There won’t be any sepia or dark moody images.

Ask to see a full gallery!

Let’s be real what you see on a website and Instagram may be the best of the best. We have all heard the horror stories about how people get wedding galleries and they look nothing like what they have seen represented on instagram.  

Answer: Please ask for this. I will be happy to send you a full gallery to view every element of a wedding day.

Experience is Everything

What does your wedding experience include?

This is an important question. Does it include the digital images from the day, an engagement session? Does the photographer help with timing? Clarify how many hours are included, if there are any travel costs and so on.

Answer: My local wedding packages include a 60 minute engagement session, the allotted coverage time and hand touched edited images in an online gallery for you to view and download from

Can you request specific wedding shots?

This should always be yes in my book.  It is your day and it is important that you are able to get the shots that you want.

Answer: I send out a questionnaire about 6 weeks before you wedding where you can outline any specific shots you are wanting as well as what family groupings that are must have for you during family formals.

How long till you get your wedding photos back.

This is an important question to ask.  Every photographer has a different timeline and approach to deliver images.  It is important that the time frame is stated in the contract.  Will they deliver a sneak peak and how the whole process works.

Answer: My contract states that you will have your full wedding gallery within 6 to 8 weeks with a sneak peak within a few days along with a blogpost unique to your wedding day. Typically my clients do get their weddings back much faster and normally my sneak peak is around 100 photos.

Ask All The Things!

What happens if for some reason you can not photograph the wedding? Do you have a backup plan?

This is an important question to ask. You never know what may happen especially after the recent pandemic. 

Answer: I have a whole network of local photographers that I work with in case something happens I will try hard to find an associate photographer to photograph your day and then I will be editing it to stay consistent with my style.

What happens next?

Once you’ve gotten through all of your pressing wedding photographer questions and you feel they are a perfect fit, the last question to ask is about the next steps needed in order to hire them for your big day. This might include asking how far in advance you need to book them, reviewing the contract, paying the deposit and going over other logistics, such as refund and cancellation policies, payment methods and liability insurance.

Answer: In order to book my services we need to take care of a few things. Let’s chat to make sure I am a good fit. You must like my personality and ask me questions that may not have been answered.  A signed contract and a 30 percent non-refundable retainer is required to secure your wedding date on my calendar. 

Questions to Ask A Wedding Photographer

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