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Tips for Planning your Bridal Details

April 11, 2023

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Tips for Planning your Bridal Details

Tips for Planning your Bridal Details.  Have you ever had a photographer say to you don’t forget to have all your details in one place for when they arrive.  This is so true in every aspect.  Here are some helpful tips that I have learned over the years when it comes to planning your bridal details.  First let’s ask why you even need them. Every bride has some details for their weddings. Maybe Vow books, rings, heirloom jewelry perfume and well just all the things. Here are some tips for all things details.

Follow these Tips for Planning your Bridal Details

  1. Start collecting along the way.  Chances are your engagement is several months long.  Grab a box, a bag, whatever you have handy. As you are wedding planning and you think man I really want to attach your great grandma’s pin to the bouquet or have a relative’s photo attached in a small frame add those items to the box. Maybe you pick up some extra ribbon that matches your colors and add that to the box. All the important things that are meaningful to your wedding add it to the box. Do not forget the paper goods.  Vow books, invitation sets these also get photographed.  When you get your invitations in the mail just set one aside and add it to that box.
  1. Personal things you want to include in this box could be shoes, perfume, any jewelry you will be wearing. Really anything that is important that you would want captured as your details.  Did you buy a special ring box that goes along with your theme of the day that would be something that you would add to that box.
  1. Ask your florist for some extra blooms.  Chances are they will have some extra blooms and usually will bring them along with you but an email ahead of time really asking them will make sure they will bring some with them.  The extra blooms really help tie your details of the day together and bring all the details together nicely.  Here are some examples of how blooms can be used to add to your detail shots.

Details help tie your day together

Hopefully you found these tips for planning your bridal details helpful.  One more reminder do forget your partner has details to.  You can see all these tips put to good use in the photos below. Pay special attention to how the extra blooms and ring boxes add to your details.  You may want to splurge on a ring box. For more tips about getting ready on your wedding day click HERE

Bridal detail photos

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