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What type of Wedding are you Planning

January 26, 2021

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What type of wedding are you planning?

What type of wedding are you planning? Weddings these days are much different than they were just two years ago. When planning a wedding the first question you and your partner need to ask one another is how big of a guest list are you hoping to have. I find myself questioning are big weddings a thing of the past?  Sure hope not, but with the current state and a global pandemic weddings are looking much different these days.

I often find myself wondering if it is possible to have an intimate wedding that is both elegant and practical with a small guest list. I believe it to be so true just because your guest list is unable to be hundreds of people does not mean that you can not have that elegant wedding you have always dreamed of. Here are some tips to up leveling your wedding and scaling down your guest list.

Hire a Planner

First hire a Planner! I honestly can not say this enough to my couples. The benefits of a wedding planner go on and on. As a photographer I have never met a bride that regretted investing in a planner. Planners are good for so many reasons but one of my favorites (Probably because I am not talented in the area of design) is their amazing ability to create beautiful design elements. These elements bring the whole day together. They are truly what makes your dream wedding vision a reality.

Erin with Dreamer Events here in Idaho is so much more than just a vendor. I have had the pleasure of working with her now and I can say with confidence she will make your wedding a dream come true. Erin is going to set your tables, make sure all your candles are straight and lit. Her attention to all the details is immaculate. Erin is going to watch for those stray hairs and fluff that dress when needed. She will make sure you look your best while creating beautiful design elements to add to your wedding day and make it a dream come true.

Custom Invitations

Second, up level your stationary. The guest list may be significantly smaller than expected this means less invitations to go out. Hire a local designer that specializes in creating gorgeous invitations. Have them create stationary that represents the style and tone of your wedding. There is something to be said about custom invitations. Denise with Something Lettered does just this and is local to the Treasure Valley. Her work is stunning and speaks for itself. Check her out Denise HERE. Another option is Paperie and Pen. They are right here in the Treasure Valley.

Create Floral Masterpieces

Third, just because your wedding may be on the smaller size does not mean that you need to skimp on the florals. Use some of your extra budget to create floral masterpieces. Maybe instead of 15 center pieces you are now only in need of five. Make those five tables absolutely stunning. Maybe you are not having a wedding party, instead invest in that bouquet of yours. I can make your whole wedding day photos look like you had flowers for days if you invest in your wedding bouquet. There are some fabulous local florists that are able to do the kind of work that you see in the photos below. If you are needing suggestions, reach out I would be happy to send you a few amazing artists that I fully trust.

What type of Wedding are you Planning? No matter the size of your guest list your wedding will be beautiful. If you are unable to have 100s of people it does not mean that your wedding dreams can not come true. I hope this post has helped shed some light on the fact that a beautiful wedding is still possible with a small guest list. If you are considering limiting your wedding size think about streaming it for your friends and family that were unable to attend. These times are not the best but it does not mean you need to completely change how you envisioned your wedding. If you are affected by COVID-19 please also check out this blog post it may help you click HERE

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