Winter Meridian Temple Wedding

February 16, 2021

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Winter Meridian Temple Wedding

There is something magical about a Winter Meridian Temple Wedding. Every time I get a chance to photograph a couple at the Meridian Temple my creative soul does a happy dance. This session was a tad different than the rest. It has been a good year since I have had the opportunity to shoot at the temple. During that year aka a Global Pandemic I really pushed myself both in my creativity and my growth as a photographer. Some of my most favorite temple photos can be found HERE and HERE. I wanted to take my photos to the next level. Having not had a bride and groom get married all year I decided to take matters into my own hands and find a couple. That is where Johanna and Masen come in.

Finding a Couple for This Session

I was scrolling through the hashtag #meridiantemple and came across one of Masen’s post talking about how excited they were for their upcoming wedding. Reaching out to Johanna was a bit out of my comfort level. I asked if they would be willing to model for me before their wedding. Bless their hearts she agreed to do bridals with me having never met me or seen my work. I explained to her that I would love to GIFT them a session in return for the use of the photos. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

Gloomy Winter Day but still beautiful

It is winter time at the Meridian Temple. I think the temple is beautiful anytime of the year but winter is cold and not much color in terms of the grounds. In my head I had a vision for this session. I wanted it to have a romantic timeless look to the photos. I have the best vendors in the industry.  Reaching out to Courtney with Posies Floral design and told her what was going on. I knew she would create something magical. She is a flower genius. The bouquet she made was one of my favorites. This called for a color pallet that was soft and romantic and just what I was looking for. It really brightened up the gloomy winter day. She also did both the weddings that were linked in the first paragraph.

Happy Forever After Masen and Johanna

Masen and Johanna did get married a couple of days after I took their bridal photos. They were some of the sweetest people. The two of them met for the first time while serving missions for their church in Denmark. As for that meeting Johanna was sitting across the room at a zone conference. It was not until they both returned home that they discovered they had mutual friends and then a proper introduction was made. The rest is history and that is what led us to where we are today. Congratulations to the happy couple. Thank you again for allowing some random person to photograph such a special moment in time.  A special Winter Meridian Temple Wedding.
Boise-Idaho-Wedding-Photographer_0226.jpgBoise-Idaho-Wedding-Photographer_0227.jpgBoise-Idaho-Wedding-Photographer_0228.jpgBoise-Idaho-Wedding-Photographer_0229.jpgMeridian Idaho Temple WeddingBoise-Idaho-Wedding-Photographer_0231.jpgBoise-Idaho-Wedding-Photographer_0232.jpgBoise-Idaho-Wedding-Photographer_0233.jpgWinter Meridian Temple WeddingBoise-Idaho-Wedding-Photographer_0235.jpgMeridian Temple Wedding

  1. […] This Wintery Meridian Idaho Temple Wedding was absolutely breathtaking.  I feel in Idaho you never know what the weather is going to be like. Will there be snow, will there be sun, maybe some rain or wind.  This Idaho Temple wedding was a little bit of snow and sun but very chilly. The bride and groom did bridals the night before and we had beautiful cold sunny weather.  It made the light magical. We photographed their first look.  This was the first time Jacob saw Olivia in her wedding dress.  These are always so fun to experience. The Meridian Temple is one of my favorite Temples to photograph. It is massive and the grounds are beautiful even in the winter. Two years ago I was able to photograph Jacob”s older brother’s wedding at the same temple to see that wedding along with another one of my favorites click HERE and HERE. […]

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